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    My name is Helen and I have cerebral palsy.


    I was born in Nyasaland (now Malawi), Africa, in 1958 where I developed whooping-cough while only a matter of days old. This led to me spending the majority of the first five months of my life in hospital, and which left parts of my brain damaged.


    As a result, a medical definition of me is that I have cerebral palsy. This affects my ability to walk, my manual dexterity and my speech but not my intelligence! This is only a tiny part of me however, and I admit to being irritated by being defined in this way alone as it omits anything that I perceive as 'me'


    I live in Kent, in a bungalow with live-in personal assistants. I was able to select where I live thanks to Notting Hill Housing Trustgoes to an external link and I am paying a mortgage on 70% of the property and paying rent on the remainder. My assistants are sourced through a care agency, Christies Caregoes to an external link, and I have far more say in who provide my help than I ever did in a residential service in Milton Keynes.